The Sekt - Djuret (The Animal)


And now, Patrik sings in Swedish. Texts that do not resemble somebody else. The music is at the same time easily accessible and complicated. Like Jesus Lizard, if they came from the Boden. Thus, not like a Buddhist band that heard Jesus Lizard, but that the Northern-born ragging culture really had bred David Yow and his manners. Seems incomprehensible. Obviously, if you heard The Sekt.


At the same time, listen to the refrain in My gun, it's a hit! Same with Rain in the Boden, a hit! The furious sorrow of Schopenhauer's friend. Music that does not weigh it unpleasant but at the same time does not throw it like a rock or a bad conscience in the face of the listener.

So, only the biggest (Bruce Springsteen, Pascal, Kat Bjelland, Patti Smith and a few more) can do: entice you where you're not dared to go but you never want to leave. It's music that changes you.


The Sekt does not sound like anything else but you will love it.


Mattias Alkberg

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