Johan has started the mix process, hopefully our second record will be out in the beginning of Mars -18.


New songs

Right now we are working on some new songs, the idea is that it will be recorded in June, June. More info comes


Intervju i Freakmagnet

Check out Jonte's blog Freak Magnet, where you'll find an interview with The Sekt, a little info about the recording of the animal and tips on what to listen to.



New video release

Yes on the darkest day of the year, we released this year's darkest video "Dark", you can check it out.


Bold review

Now it's funky song song. At first it feels most plump and strange. Why are they doing this? Pajar a good plate. But it takes place. After a few hearings, just make it clear that it's brilliant. The song creates a sense of madness that creeps under the skin.

Read it all at:




Yes, release of our debut album "Animal" at the Riche little bar on December 7th.


Death kills everything

Single and video release 25th of November !!!



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